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Aug 10, 2013 7:00am PDT
confusion before, we now know that president obama isn't a fan of nsa leaker, edward snowden. and he's especially not a fan of russia's decision last week to grant snowden asylum, shielding of from charges of espionage and theft. how much was snowden the final straw in this deteriorating relationship? >> i think he totally was the deteriorating straw. we've had a relationship that's within deteriorating for probably two years now, probably even before that, and i think it was the final sign of how bad the relationship has gotten, that it was so easy for russia to be like, okay, edward, come hang out for us a little while. >> is it really that it was so easy. and folks who watch this show know that i've gotten in trouble for some of my critiques of edward snowden, although not critiques of what he released. in other words, i think the releasing is one thing. i think the seeking asylum is something separate. but if the roles were reversed, we would we have returned an asylum seeker? >> we would never have. and there were instances when the lord of war, even a movie was made with nicola
Aug 4, 2013 7:00am PDT
left the airport. on thursday we learned nsa leaker edward snowden who had been holed up in a russian airport for five weeks was granted temporary asylum. the latest development in a multinational saga captured global attention, frustrated obama administration and invoked reprisals, recrimination and applause from many quarters. even prompted "time" magazine to offer snowden suggestion of things to do in russia. the snowden question raises serious questions about -- wait a minute. why am i talking about snowden, we should be talking about privacy, reach of government, it's been easier to talk about snowden. classic misdirection. the other can't tear your eyes away from the screen, anthony weiner. not only is he bold enough to run for mayor months after he resigned his congressional seat, he continued sexting after getting caught. he raises questions about the fitness for office, influence on career and marriage, wait a minute, wait a minute, why am i talking about a fourth place also ran in a mayoral race in a city in which i and the vast majority of americans don't live in. the serio
Aug 3, 2013 7:00am PDT
's interesting, i haven't laid the two lists over each other, but i wonder if the nsa list, the list of people who are supporting nsa's right to invade privacy are the same folks who are wanting to hold on to the chain of command. i met is there are some similarities in the sense of like, must preserve the institutions just as they are. >> don't believe they can trust the institutions with that amount of power too. >> speaking of which, i wanted to ask you specifically, irin, about the college and university piece. there's a whole list of major colleges and universities currently under fire for not taking appropriate action against sexual assault, including amherst, berkeley, colorado boulder, dartmouth, georgetown, montana, university of north carolina chapel hill, notre dame, occidental, princeton, the naval academy, wesley and west point, william and mary, yale. all of these are schools where there are active questions about how they are managing this. what is it about this willingness to protect the perpetrators rather than believe the victims. >> the first thing is that we have always, yo
Aug 11, 2013 7:00am PDT
to get the nsa involved in telling people. they know. they know. >> it's not how many black friends you have, it's how many black friends consider you a friend. >> you ain't kidding, brother. >> that's right. >> i remember in the text you said when you ask folks who are your black friends, you went and turned all the white people thought the same four people sort of were their friends. >> i have a lot of white people i'm their only black friend. >> it's not an intimate friendship. >> so your hair, how does that work again. we're not friends. >> i know one of my producer tracy is applauding to the question, if you ask the hair question, you're not. tracy, i just got confirmation she's applauding to that. >> i've got one. >> let me ask, if not your friend, if you don't get to ask the tough questions, that's part of what interracial friendship might be able to be about. liz z, what is it with white people and catching thing, black folks and the hair thing. isn't that what the long-term building up the relationship is about. >> shouldn't that be asked when you're 12? i feel like those inqui
Aug 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
're thinking about issues around voting rights, we're also thinking about the nsa. and we're also thinking about the fact that that j. edgar hoover moment of listening in on wiretapping is a part of our moment. is there a way we can learn of that historic moment in our contemporary one? >> the civil rights movement was wrestling with the profoundest questions of how a democracy worked. nowadays, we have sound bites of answers and we're divided between two factions, each of whom said we would be perfect if the other half dropped dead. the civil rights movement didn't say that. they said, we should move together. the most common complaint is, why should we keep bringing this up. >> pause for one moment. we have mark morial of the national urban league speaking. >> i stand here to reaffirm our commitment to the civil rights and equal opportunities from then and now, and we must redeem the dream in order to realize the dream. we must redeem the dream, because there are those who have attacked our democracy, our voting rights, and our access to equal economic opportunity. they may wear differen
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)